This is a New Year for all we welcome 2016 some with open arms and some with hesitation. I’m welcoming 2016 with a bit of both. On 4 May 2014 my Uncle died in a motorbike accident, my whole family and I we were devastated. Then on 21 November 2014 my one and only sibling my brother died in a freak accident where he had cur his right arm badly and basically bled to death. That was the worst night ever getting that phone call. 

I have missed my big brother every day since that phone call. I still today cannot believe he is gone my superhero. He still had so much to live for his 3 beautiful children his new job which he was so excited about. Now the 21 November 2014 was a Friday, I could only see my mom on the Sunday, when my mom and I saw each other it was hard.

I have never seen my mom so devastated and I could only imagine what she was going g through me being a mother aswell. It was her worst nightmare come true. Since then I’ve done my utmost best to be there for her to comfort her and to keep her going. My mom is my living superhero now she is an amazing lady I love that woman so fiercely. 

Now as I sit here in my kitchen thinking about this New Year I feel full of excitement but also sadness. The new school year will begin on 13 January 2016, my daughter is going to Grade 4, my son who is 2 yrs old in March is going to day care. How time flies when you have children. I have got all the stationery for both kids for school and I got myself a labelling machine. I have to say I was so excited when I bought myself that machine. Makes marking your children’s things so much easier.

Last year 2015 I finished studying to become a Grade R teacher, so this year I’m hoping to find a teaching position. So that is why with all that I have said that I’m welcoming 2016 with excitement and sadness. Don’t  afraid to start new adventures, your life will be a good one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, may this 2016 be a good one for everyone…

2 are not the same

I’m sitting on my bed thinking about what to write for my first post and what comes to mind are my 2 beautiful children. My daughter who is the eldest she is now 9 yes old her name is Sarah. My son obviously is the youngest he is now 17 almost 18mths old his name is Liam. When I had Sarah I wanted natural birth with her but complications came up and it ended up being a c-section. Everything from the epidural down to the hospital stay was a breeze. But then when I wanted natural birth with my son my gynea said to me don’t even try you have a small pelvic area and it will take alot out of you and baby. So we scheduled the c-section for the 13th March 2014. Went into theatre got the epidural my son came out got my tubes tied and all was good so I thought. A couple hours later I started getting terrible headaches so the nurses kept injecting me with morphine that’s how bad these headaches were. I told my gynea about it when he came to do a check up on me, he said that he would send in the anethitist to talk to me. About an hour later the anethitist came in listened as I told him when I stand up the headaches are excruciatingly painful,  but when I lay down the pain goes away. He looked at me and said my dear you have an epidural leak. Now for those of you who don’t know what that is it is when you get an epidural and the anethitist pushes the needle a bit to far into your spine and punctures the dura then the fluid in your spine and around your brain leaks out, this causes bad I mean really bad headaches. They say these headaches are 10 times worse than a migraine. Anyway I asked so why does it hurt when I stand up he said because the fluid is leaking out from around your brain then when you stand your brain is actually sagging and rubbing against your skull and that causes the bad headaches. He said I must go home and every time before I lay down I must drink 2 cups of strong black coffee. The caffeine will help rejuvenate the fluid that has been lost. So I go home with a new born that ends up having colic and I’m breastfeeding feeding so loads of standing for me. I sat with this pain for a week until one day I burst into tears because of the pain, my husband told me then that I could handle pain he knew that but he realised that it must be painful if I’m in tears. My husband took me to the er the following morning and got the anethitist to come check me out. Then I was told I was crazy for sitting with the pain for a week I should have come in earlier. So then I was told I would need an epidural blood patch to fix the leaking. Now that is when they still give you a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area where they will do the blood patch. They then take about 15ml of your own blood and instead of injecting epidural medicine they inject your blood into your spine so it can clog the leakage. I had that done and then was told to go home and lay flat on my back for 4 hours straight. I did that and when my 4 hours was done I got up so slowly afraid that the pain would return and didn’t. To this day that pain has never returned. So that is why I say 2 are never the same.